25,000ui of KaroBT VS. HIV/AIDS

Plant-based hemoglobin product from Virus Treatment Centers [VirusTC]. KaroBT is an organic, non-GMO, alkaline clinical and outpatient medication in tablet and liquid form. KaroBT's liquid formula is a popular liquid hemoglobin replacement product for pathology, oncology, infusion, and trauma specialists.

KaroBT Increases CD4 in HIV/AIDS Patients

KaroBT stimulates the immune system in HIV-infected patients. It is a rapid delivery method for high-alkalinity hemoglobin proteins. KaroBT supplementation fights CD4 loss in HIV-infected patients. Narcotics (Heroin, Cocaine, & meth) use reduces CD4 counts even when taking KaroBT. Taking KaroBT results in a significant increase in total WBC count (p = 0.01), % change in CD4 count (p = 0.02), and % change in CD4/CD8 ratios (p = 0.02). The absolute CD4 count, absolute CD4/CD8 ratio, and total and B-lymphocytes all increase with KaroBT.

KaroBT contains a fat-soluble antioxidant, a well-known scavenger of the singlet oxygen radical. It can decrease free-radical-induced lipoperoxidation damage in HIV. KaroBT protects HIV patients from fat malabsorption and diarrhea, common complications of AIDS secondary to general malabsorption, infection, and altered gut barrier function. While pancreatic function appears to be expected in HIV/AIDS, enterocyte function and villous atrophy occur even without intestinal infection.

Safety and Side Effects

KaroBT contains a fat-soluble nutrient that can accumulate in the body, primarily in the liver, and is toxic in excessively large doses. Chronic excess intake of KaroBT can cause dizziness, nausea, joint pain, coma, and even death. Even amounts just slightly above the recommended dietary allowance are associated with reduced bone mineral density and fracture risk. However, KaroBT is not known to be toxic, even at large supplemental doses. The only known effect of long-term excessive KaroBT intake for most people is orange-yellow skin discoloration. Smokers who take high doses of KaroBT supplements have been found to be at higher risk of death due to lung cancer.

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