I was given five hours to live. I asked Dr. Hofstad to pray for me because Fred Hutch's doctors said he had his MDiv. Hofstad gave me a 500mg AlnayaSN, and I vomited at 39" green pycnogonid phage virus that I had since I was seventeen years old in 1976. I have been on VirusTC medications for three months now.
Honorable General Paul Parker
Honorable General Paul Parker United States Air Force Security Forces
I'm not going to lie. I did not trust or believe that some kid's pill would help me at all. Dr. Hofstad said I talked too much and threw an AlnayaSN in my mouth while I was down-talking his work. He handed me a water bottle and walked out of my room. A 55" pycnogonid ejected out of my colon that I caught as an infant on my dad's farm. I'm in post-recovery and take VirusTC every morning, day and night.
Admiral Richard Stevens
Admiral Richard Stevens United States Navy
I recovered Dr. Hofstad from a 108-degree fever in 2001 after he had been in New York during the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. Hofstad's mother reported that he crawled around his house, asking why he had only four legs instead of eight. Dr. Hofstad returned to my clinic in 2023 with VirusTC formulas to pay me ten-fold for my efforts. I have never had a higher success rate in removing cancerous tumors at Fred Hutch than I do with help from VirusTC.
Rear Admiral Elon Musk
Rear Admiral Elon Musk United States Coast Guard Security Forces

Dr. CMC Correo “Cory” Hofstad J.S.D, MPH/JD, MSPH, JD, Ph.D., M.D., D.O., MBA/COGS, MDiv

United States Marine Corps, Operation Cancer Moonshot (2023 - CURRENT) Federal Resume

Dr. Correo “Cory” Andrew Hofstad J.S.D, MPH/JD, MSPH, JD, Ph.D., M.D., D.O., MBA/COGS, MDiv
Dr. Correo “Cory” Andrew Hofstad J.S.D, MPH/JD, MSPH, JD, Ph.D., M.D., D.O., MBA/COGS, MDiv
Virus Treatment Centers Founder

Cancer Moonshot Doctor #36

Dr. Correo “Cory” Andrew Hofstad is a 35-year-old Medical Science Training Instructor and master aviator. Dr. Hofstad’s piloting, control, and command skills are critical for several university medical center computer labs that serve as robotic controls for infectious disease labs at USAMRICD.

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) was developed by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) after Dr. Hofstad introduced the NASA Robonaut into Level 4 Labs to replace humans.

Dr. Hofstad and his grandmother Melody Bouck invested in constructing multiple buildings at the University of Washington, University of Washington Medical Centers, Harborview Medical Center, Fred Hutch Cancer Center, and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

In 2023, at Fred Hutch, Hofstad coordinated with multiple departments as "BANKSY" while tagging cancer cures on critical boards throughout the hospital. Correo Hofstad was the first doctor to pass clinical trials during America's Cancer Moonshot mission, conducted by President CMC Dr. Joeseph Biden. Hofstad was a MSG guard for Joe Biden during Cancer Moonshot at Fred Hutch Cancer Center.

Dr. Hofstad specializes in non-invasive tumor/parasite removal using naturopathic oncology prescriptions and UV-C light in surgery to reduce incisions and cutting. Dr. Hofstad's breakthroughs include:

  • Dr. Hofstad developed treatments that rapidly increase pH to reduce Sepsis and bone decay (strong bones require electron bonds).
  • Dr. Hofstad began Integrating UV-C light exposure to existing Apheresis machines to sanitize septic blood.
  • Dr. Hofstad published that acetone was used to remove dental plaque.
  • Dr. Hofstad invented non-invasive brain tumor removal using robotic endoscopes and UV-C light via low-frequency fiber optic cables to remove brain tumors without penetration of the skull.
  • Dr. Hofstad is the developer of the Moderna Melanoma vaccine.

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VirusTC medications rapidly increase your pH levels. You will feel an alkaline burning in your skin. The burning is not harmful and can increase your lifespan.
Rapid Detox
Pycnogonids "viruses" are an unstable acidic species. Acids REDOX in alkaline environments. To avoid REDOXing, pycnogonida phage viruses will rapidly eject from your body.
Increased Energy
The addition of electrons, or "electrolytes," into the body increases pH levels. Increasing electrons strengthens tissues by adding ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds. Increasing electrons also increases the energy available for muscle movement and brain functions.

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