Q. How Did Moderna and Merck Solve Melanoma and Skin Cancer?

A. Moderna, Merck, and VirusTC are developing Vaccines that use MG-Neshem to Improve Multi-Generational Deficiencies That Damage The Epidermis.

Magnesium is the limiting reagent in the crystallization and spread of melanin evenly throughout the epidermal layer. Skin spots exist only in humans who are Magnesium deficient.

Melanin releases electrons via photoelectric effect when struck by photons from the sun. Magnesium deficiency reduces energy in the human body. Lack of electrons from sunlight in the body leads to low-pH levels, sepsis, and cancer. A Magnesium deficient patient may lay out in the sun for days attempting to “get a tan”, while their melanin intake spots grow larger and blister without Magnesium as a reagent for a solid compositional layer of melanin to form within the epidermis.

Magnesium deficiency is a sign of human captivity, torture, and blood loss. Magnesium deficiency at birth is only found in humans with genetic heritage involving some type of captivity or trauma. People living with Magnesium deficiency often experience mental health symptoms which are often misdiagnosed as bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, etc. Often the mental anxieties of families with a history of physical trauma are the cause of these mental symptoms. Trauma is included in this document to provide doctors with indicators of trauma during treatment. Mult-generational Magnesium deficiency is passed through multiple generations until two parents eliminate their Magnesium deficiency before and during pregnancy.

MG-Neshem increases vaccinated patients' ability to deliver Magnesium to the epidermis. MG-Neshem is not a cancer treatment in itself, but a formula used to strengthen the human body. Moderna and Merck are currently in-trial for cancer vaccination mRNA-4157 that contains MG-Neshem as a strengthening component.

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