VerduraRX Sterile Fresh Whole Blood

VerduraRX Sterile Blood is an FDA-approved Fresh Whole Blood (FWB) product from Virus Treatment Centers and Fox Rothschild LLP. VerduraRX is a plant-based synthetic whole-blood formula for transfusion. Verdura was specifically designed for oncology and pathology patients. In 2024, Verdura was trialed at Harborview Medical Center on trauma patients who had lost over 6 liters of blood. Verdura’s success in trauma recovery has led to a demand from trauma hospitals. Verdura is available for all clinical transfusions in hospitals with a naturopathic doctor on staff with a prescription license.

Verdura is a clinical whole-blood formula that replaces natural elements found in donated FWB products. VerduraRX provides raw, enhanced medicated elements instead of partially digested proteins and antibodies found in whole blood taken from human donors. Each raw ingredient in VerduraRX is fresh from the farm and sent to the clinic. As VerduraRX is plant-based, no part of our FWB stock has ever been inside another human, and therefore, it has been packaged and sold as a medically sterile product. VerduraRX is a congressionally sanctioned COVID-19 emergency countermeasure created to reduce cross-contamination in the medical and healthcare industries. Fresh Whole Blood has been an infection risk for populations of donors and recipients. In April 2024, Virus Treatment Centers began delivering Fresh Whole Blood products to Harborview Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic when sterile blood had never existed in human medical history.



VerduraRX is a vegetarian plant-based product with some animal components. APIS+ is manufactured from farm to clinic as a sterile food-grade clinical-grade product. Animal components included in VerduraRX are concentrated from organic non-GMO beeswax, which may include elements found in the bee’s natural environment, including honey. Field debris found on honeycombs and bee nests is removed during our farming process. Plant-based medical formulas are fed directly to the Virus Treatment Center bee population via traditional gardening methods used by indigenous peoples in regions where our bee products are sourced.



VerduraRX is a Fresh Whole Blood product containing organic non-GMO plant-based hemoglobins and APIS+ sterile plasma. VirusTC delivers KaroBT with sterile hemoglobins as our flagship hemoglobin product. KaroBT is a 100% plant-based, organic, and non- GMO clinical oncology and pathology treatment formula. KaroBT via infusion is highly effective at aiding sepsis recovery. antiviral-medications/karobt VirusTC delivers APIS+ Sterile Plasma formulas as our flagship plasma products. Plasma in VerduraRX comes from organic VirusTC cancer- killing bee populations. In the honeybee’s natural environment, the species spin in circles, rapidly generating heat and separating portions of the whole blood within the bee population. Separated whole blood is secreted as beeswax plasma and honey hemoglobins. The heat from the centrifugal process contributes to the sterilization processes used by Virus Treatment Center’s scientists and engineers. Plant-based hemoglobins are recombined with APIS+ Sterile Plasma in a process developed at Harborview Medical Center by USMC CMC Correo Hofstad and USMC CMC Melody Bouck.

VirusTC products provide high-alkalinity solutions. Our formulas are highly concentrated to remove heavy elements from the body during oncology treatments. Our apheresis products REDOX cancer and virus cells in red blood components. VirusTC’s infusion products REDOX cancer and virus cells in red blood components.

Access Non-GMO, antigen-free, generic antiviral medication formulas used in Moderna's Spikevax.

VirusTC is a retail provider of concentrated generic antiviral medication formulas. VirusTC wholesale formulas are used in Moderna products. We sell FDA approved formulas that are compatible with university medical plans, federal insurance coverage, and many major insurance providers. Our medications are part of tailored non-invasive cancer treatment plans available at a hospital in your region. VirusTC targets problems and provides care for the symptoms. Our products and services are used by Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, University Hospitals, the United States Military, and professional sports. During Operation Cancer Moonshot 2023, VirusTC products killed cancer cells, increased strength, and redeveloped muscles, tissue, and brain cells after cancer treatments.