AVIS+ Plasma is Plant-Based, Sterile, Organic, and Alkaline




APIS+ Sterile plasma is a Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) product from Virus Treatment Centers and Fox Rothschild LLP. APIS+ is a plant-based synthetic plasma used for the apheresis treatment of oncology and pathology patients. APIS+ is a clinical plasma formula that replaces natural elements found in donated FFP products. APIS+ provides raw, enhanced medicated antibiotic elements instead of partially digested proteins found in plasma taken from human donors. Each raw ingredient in APIS+ is included fresh from the farm to the clinic. As AVID+ is plant-based, no part of our FFP stock has ever been inside another human and packaged and sold as a medically sterile product. Avis is a congressionally sanctioned COVID-19 emergency countermeasure created to reduce cross-contamination in the medical and healthcare industries. Fresh frozen plasma has been an infection risk for populations of donors and recipients. In April 2024, Virus treatment centers began delivering fresh sterile frozen plasma products during the COVID-19 pandemic when sterile plasma had never existed in human medical history.

Avis Plus is a vegetarian plant-based product with some animal components. Avis is manufactured from farm to clinic as a sterile food-grade clinical-grade product. Animal components included in Avis are concentrated from organic non-GMO beeswax, which may include elements found in the bee's natural environment, including honey. Field debris found on honeycombs and bee nests is removed during our farming process. Plant-based medical formulas are fed directly to the virus treatment center bee population via traditional gardening methods by indigenous peoples in regions where our bee products are sourced. In the honeybee’s natural environment, the species spin in circles, rapidly generating heat and separating portions of the whole blood within the bee population. Separated whole blood is secreted as beeswax plasma and honey platelets. The heat from the centrifugal process contributes to the sterilization processes used by Virus Treatment Center’s scientists and engineers.

The process of turning beeswax into viable fresh frozen plasma was developed at USMRICD by USMC CMC Correo Hofstad and USMC CMC Melody Bouck. Avis TC is currently available by trial at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center during Operation Cancer Moonshot hosted by President CMC Joseph Biden. The University of Washington APIS+ trial is available at Fred Hutch Cancer Center until November 21, 2025.

APIS+ and other VirusTC products are designed for use with Haemonetics brand Apheresis machines and filters. VirusTC products provide high-alkalinity solutions. Our formulas are highly concentrated to remove heavy elements from the body during oncology treatments. Our apheresis products redox cancer and virus cells in red blood components. Haemonetics filters are densely manufactured and required to remove oxidization from iron in blood platelets during apheresis. VirusTC’s apheresis products REDOX cancer and virus cells in red blood components.

What is in Human Plasma?

Coagulants for Blood Clotting

Fibrinogen in plasma is the main coagulant used by the body to patch wounds and stop bleeding. Fibrinogen oxidizes when the epidermis is breached. The oxidation of fibrinogen creates a viscous gel. Fibrinogen reduces blood flow by hardening around damaged epidermal regions.


Plasma contains the body’s building materials. Proteins in plasma are carried by whole blood throughout the body during a 24-hour daily regeneration process. Plasma delivers calcium to bones. Plasma delivers protein to muscles. Plasma delivers glucose to the brain.

The following proteins have been identified in blood plasma:

Fibrinogen, Serum albumin, Immunoglobulin G, Haptoglobin, alpha-2-Macroglobulin, Immunoglobulin A, Transferrin, Ceruloplasmin, Acid phosphatase, Myoglobin, Hemopexin, Transthyretin, Beta-2 microglobulin, Transcortin, Thyroxine-binding globulin, Alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, Complement component 3, Uromodulin, Cystatin C Osteonectin, Interleukin 4, Ciliary neurotrophic factor, Alpha 1-antichymotrypsin, Bactericidal permeability-increasing protein, CCL28, Interleukin 31, Interleukin 21, Interleukin 28, Interleukin 22, Interleukin 19, Midkine, CCL1, Lipopolysaccharide binding protein, CCL8, CCL11, CCL13, CCL25, Mannan-binding lectin, CCL18, CCL16, CCL22, CCL17, CX3CL1, CCL19, CCL23, CCL24, CCL26, CCL27, CXCL1, CXCL3, CXCL5


Plasma delivers chemical elements to organs, lymph tissues, bones, connective tissues, and muscles within the body. Plasma supports the body’s electrical functions by delivering conductive electrolytes like Zinc to the nervous system.

The following electrolytes have been found in blood plasma.

Na+, K+, Cl-, CO2, HCO3-, Creatine, Urea Nitrogen, Glucose


“Plasma” is a term applied to white blood cells separated from whole blood. Plasma contains every defense mechanism available to the human body. Plasma delivers infection-fighting compounds to compromised areas of the body.

What is in AVIS+ Sterile FFP?

Coagulants for blood clotting

Phospholipase is the active coagulant used by APIS+ to patch wounds and stop bleeding. Phospholipase oxidizes with hydrogen peroxide in APIS+ when the epidermis is breached. The oxidization of fibrinogen creates a viscous “biowax”. Phospholipase reduces blood flow by hardening around damaged epidermal regions.


Glucose oxidase, acid phosphatase, and phospholipase are active ingredients used by APIS+.

APIS+ contains Major Royal Jelly Proteins:

MRJP1 (also called royalactin), MRJP2, MRJP3, MRJP4, MRJP5, MRJP1-9, MRJP1-5, diastases (α- and β-amylase), invertases (sucrase, saccharase or glucosidase), glucose oxidase (oxido-reductase), acid phosphatase, catalase, transglucosylase, phosphorylase, SOD1, proteolytic enzymes, and Amino acid chains jellein-1, jellein-2, and jellein-4


APIS+ delivers VirusTC’s medicated electrolytes to organs, lymph tissues, bones, connective tissues, and muscles. APIS+ supports the body’s electrical functions by delivering medicated conductive electrolytes like Zinc to the nervous system. APIS+ is high in healthy sodium, potassium, and calcium. APIS+ products contain MG Neshem. MG Neshem increases biodensity by improving cell and tissue strength. APIS+ patients report increased energy. VirusTC attributes increased energy to volumes of “Flight Electrolytes” bee populations use to power wings for flight. VirusTC converts Electrolytes created to defend bee populations into medicated electrolytes for clinical defense medications to protect human populations from violent cancerous pathogens.


Hydrogen peroxide is the active immune-supporting compound in APIS+ products. APIS+ contains white blood cells from Virus Treatment Center bees. It contains every defense mechanism available to VirusTC bee populations. APIS+ delivers infection-fighting VirusTC bee colony compounds to immunocompromised areas of the body.


What does normal human plasma contain?

  • Human plasma contains coagulants, mainly fibrinogen, which aid in blood clotting.
  • Human plasma contains proteins such as albumin and globulin that help maintain the colloidal osmotic pressure at about 25 mmHg.
  • Human plasma contains electrolytes like sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, and calcium to help maintain blood pH.
  • Human plasma contains immunoglobulins that help fight infection and other small amounts of enzymes, hormones, and vitamins.

What does AVIS+ contain?

  • AVIS+ is high in phospholipase.
  • AVIS+ is high in glucose oxidase, acid phosphatase, and phospholipase.
  • AVIS+ is high in healthy sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
  • AVIS+ is high in hydrogen peroxide.

AVIS+ Is Vegetarian, Not Vegan. Some Animal Protein Is Involved. The Animal Protein Packs A Punch


AVIS+ Plasma is Designed For Haemonetics Filters


AVIS+ Plasma Is Most Effective When Used With UVC


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