Pycnogonids enter a host prey and release nematocysts into the body. This method of parasitic infection is highly effective at absorbing blood and organs. pycnogonids spread throughout populations quickly.

Infections in men and women have been published inaccurately as only capable of transmission via the transfer of bodily fluids. Viruses that create vesicles within reproductive organs are not limited to transfer via bodily fluid, blood-to-blood contact, or sexual transmission. Although microscopic Phages and Plasmodium parasites are often in high concentration in sperm and other bodily fluids, larger pycnogonids may become excited and exit the body via reproductive organs if the host becomes sexually aroused and during close intimate contact such as foreplay, etc. Most species of pycnogonida can leap up to 15 times the length of their leg span. All species of pycnogonida are capable of sprint-like speed during crawling movements.

In the 1980s, during the height of the AIDS epidemic, NBA players wisely refused to play basketball with HIV host Magic Johnson to prevent an infection. Dangerous diseases such as HIV and AIDS transfer from person to person via simply crawling out of an infected person's body cavity, traveling down a pant leg, dropping out of a skirt, finding a healthy person to target, and breaching a body cavity such as the mouth, nose, vagina, penis, or anus. A virus can exit a stranger in a restaurant, travel between tables, crawl up your pant leg or dress, and enter you without shaking hands or meeting the person.

Viruses are highly mobile and aggressive. Scientific investigations for Pycnogonid toxicity are suppressed to prevent fear of the nuclear industry or “widespread panic”. Doctors publish inaccurate claims that close contacts, such as hugs and kisses, cannot transmit HIV. AIDS patients are secretly killed in hospitals when their shedding of the virus becomes too severe. Any warm body with a Ph level below 8.0 is prey for pycnogonids. pycnogonids are drawn to any low-Ph potential host.

All phages, cytokines, and plasmodium parasites will take every opportunity to shed from a dying host and infect a new healthy host as a source of fresh calories needed for further species reproduction. Once a virus population senses the death of a host, the population will exit the dying host in search of a healthy body. Viruses need a living body to survive and are aggressive in attaining one.

HIV can survive outside the body for as long as it can find calories and avoid being killed. You can catch a virus infection from someone who sat on a bus seat before you if a pycnogonida has been shed from the passenger. Transmission only requires that a pycnogonida run up your pant leg or get near your face. pycnogonids target prey and violently leap into any available body cavity.

pycnogonida parasites find suitable prey or new hosts by feeling for “charge” or “Ph level”. Overabundances and absences of electrons in nearby lifeforms are critical to the parasites when hunting. Negatively charged “Alkaline” bodies and cells with plenty of electrons present a dangerous reducing agent to pycnogonida parasites and phage viruses. Alkaline bodies are considered a type of chemical predator to the parasite. Positively charged “acidic” bodies and cells lacking electrons offer no danger of chemical reduction to phage virus parasites and become infection hosts or prey.

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