The current theory on virus “absorption" onto healthy cells involves the use of “spike-shaped” protuberances on the viruses called “hemagglutinin” to bind and latch onto sialic acid “receptors" on the targeted cell-like grappling hooks. As the theory continues, as more hemagglutinin binds to more sialic receptors on the cell, the virus adheres to the body of the targeted cell. The reality of absorption is that, like any other predator in the wild, the Pycnogonida must grip onto areas on its prey where its claws will fit. Once a pycnogonida gets a hold of a host with several of its eight legs, the predator will quickly grab the host with the rest of its appendages and make aggressive maneuvers to breach its prey.

Microscopy is never perfect, as scientists are forced to publish explanations for objects, lifeforms, actions, activities, and processes that they cannot see in clear focus. Fancy terminology like hemagglutinin, sialic acid receptors, and binding of the two only confuse the fact that extremely aggressive eight-legged spider-like creatures are jumping onto cells and wrapping their legs around their target to grab hold wherever their claws will fit. Pycnogonids attack both bodies and their cells using the same strategy. During microscopic infancy, phage virus parasites 1/10,000th of a millimeter in diameter do the same thing to cells that a 3dm diameter pycnogonida will do to a fully grown person.

pycnogonida in the wild or running loose in human environments are witnessed using eight legs to crawl, run, leap, swim, and climb toward capturing a host suitable for parasitic infection and reproduction. Suitable hosts at any scale include prey with an acidic or low-Ph level, which will not break down and cook off the pycnogonida via an acid-base REDOX reaction. Hive-minded pycnogonida are highly intelligent and will use all available senses to look for an available host that will not reduce the virus.

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