pycnogonids are a highly intelligent, hive-minded species that uses electrical signals generated from Tritium beta decay as a method of communication. Coiled nervous systems found within the species use double latch gates to keep quantum bonds between generations of the species. Physical breakage between an infant pycnogonid’s nervous system and the gonopore of its parent leaves behind chemical bonds. Chemical bonds can transmit electrical signals throughout offspring that are exponentially produced by generations of the species. Electrical signals, data, information, communication, and knowledge received by a single pycnogonida are available to a neural network that expands throughout every connected pycnogonid generation. The neural network available to pycnogonids is larger than any other species found on Earth. pycnogonids were used to transfer qubits through quantum computer networks before Dr. Correo Hofstad developed the quantum snap-circuit at the Pacific National Laboratory.

Exponentially reproducing pycnogonid parasites gain access to an infected host’s brain and neural network. pycnogonids learn (or already know of) the language of signal coding used to command human executive functions. In “Acquired” diseases, a host or host has been demyelinated, and the viral infection has acquired the ability to intercept, interpret, and send electrical signals that control the body. A host of an acquired disease becomes a puppet of varying degrees to a type of “middle-man attack" by a virus population. Schizophrenia, delirium, mental inertia, physical prostration, psychosis, mental collapse, mental disturbances, and general insanity are medical diagnoses that appear after influenza and virus outbreaks.

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