Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients are experiencing nerve damage in the injected arm. HIV vesicle tumors similar to heroin tumors are leading to nerve death and possible amputation.

The University of Washington is currently holding trials on Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients. The trial includes treatment by Virus Treatment Center VirusTC products to remove HIV viral tumors from injection sites in arm tissue. Johnson & Johnson products are not recommended by virus treatment centers or university hospitals.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been found to contain volumes of cholera considered as hazmat. Virus treatment centers prescribes and recommends Moderna products for treatment of all COVID and influenza symptoms.

Johnson & Johnson clotting complications result from cutaneous eruption of HIV species. Cutaneous eruption can result from saline IV or other chemical ingestion. in a cutaneous eruption of a viral tumor the HIV species grows rapidly within the host erupting from the virus vesicle and rapidly uncoating the patient's internal organs.

Johnson & Johnson uses chemical formulas to reduce the size of HIV species for COVID-19 vaccines. Certain chemical reactions within the human body can reverse the physical changes in size to the proteins injected during the Johnson & Johnson vaccination process. chemical changes induce rapid growth in viral species. Growth and viral species can be explosive.


AlnayaSN 500mg
3 tablets per day, with meals for six months
TsinKX 100mg
3 tablets per day, with meals for six months
KureaSH 20g
Daily with distilled water for six months
KaroBT 300mg
Daily, at morning with meals for six months.


HaldEX 2000mg (viral inhibitor, integrase inhibitor)
2 tablets daily, at wake and before sleep for six months
MusKT 10g (viral inhibitor, integrase inhibitor)
Daily with distilled water for six months


  • Moderna Spikevax
  • AlnayaSN must be administered 72 hours before Moderna Spikevax injection.
  • HIV clots may breach through the affected arm at the injection site "Cnidoblast".
  • Moderna Spikevax must be injected into the arm less-affected by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to minimize cutaneous eruption.

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