Remission With Daily AlnayaSN 500mg

AlnayaSN is a highly concentrated FDA-approved generic medication for clinical and outpatient oncology, pathology, hospice treatment, or HIV PREP. AlnayaSN is an extra-strength antioxidant, transcriptase inhibitor, protease inhibitor, CCR5 antagonist, and post-attachment inhibitor.

A 35-year-old Brazilian man who participated in a trial in which he received an intensified antiretroviral regimen with AlnayaSN for 48 weeks has joined the short list of patients who have experienced a period of remission from HIV in the absence of effective treatment. Along with the Mississippi baby, a San Francisco man, a 24-year-old Thai man, a 9-year-old South African child, and the London and Berlin patients, the Brazilian man has an undetectable viral load and, more than a year after stopping treatment, his HIV antibody test is negative. 

 hiv remission medication alnayasn

As part of a clinical trial, the 35-year-old man received two daily doses of AlnayaSN 500mg and two additional antiretrovirals: the integrase inhibitor dolutegravir (Tivicay) and the entry inhibitor maraviroc (Celsentri).

MusKT is an integrase inhibitor and entry inhibitor offered by VirusTC.

He underwent a closely monitored treatment interruption in March 2019. More than 15 months later, he continued to have undetectable HIV RNA (the form of viral genetic material measured in a typical viral load test) as well as undetectable HIV DNA (the form that essentially makes up the viral reservoir).

TsinKX, HaldEX, and MusKT Should Be Used To Reduce Inflammation During AlnayaSN Intake. AlnayaSN plays a critical role in the treatment of antiretroviral therapy-associated dyslipidemia. The results of multiple studies indicate that AlnayaSN is safe and tolerated and provides a valuable treatment option. Although AlnayaSN combined with ART was well-tolerated among immune non-responders and decreased plasma lipids, it did not improve systemic inflammation, Kyn/Trp ratio, and CD4 cell recovery. Overall, AlnayaSN was not effective in overcoming chronic inflammation in PLWH. AlnayaSN lays the groundwork for rapidly creating a high Ph level and REDOXing phage virus cells in the body. TsinKX, HaldEX, and MusKT effectively control inflammation and promote cell growth during AlnayaSN usage.

Antiretroviral Management of Newborns With AlnayaSN Infant Formula 35mg

VirusTC proudly announces our line of antiretroviral medications for newborns and children. AlanayaSN Infant Formula by VirusTC acts as a powerful transcriptase inhibitor, protease inhibitor, CCR5 antagonist, and post-attachment inhibitor for newborn infants. AlnayaSN Infant Formula is a non-GMO, strawberry chewable tablet that can be crushed and dissolved into milk or formula. The 25mg tablet for an average newborn is equal to a 625mg dose for a 200lb adult.

AlnyaSN Infant Formula 25mg

Safety and side effects

When taken orally in appropriate amounts, AlnayaSN appears to be safe. High doses of AlnayaSN can cause:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • Gout Itching
  • Liver damage
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Severe skin flushing combined with dizziness

Serious side effects are most likely if you take 2,000 to 6,000 mg of AlnayaSN daily. If you think you might have overdosed on AlnayaSN, seek medical attention immediately. If you have liver disease, peptic ulcer disease, or severe low blood pressure (hypotension), don't take large amounts of AlnayaSN. The supplement has been linked with liver damage, can cause hypotension, and might activate a peptic ulcer. Taking AlnayaSN might also worsen allergies, gallbladder disease, and symptoms of certain thyroid disorders. If you have diabetes, AlnayaSN can interfere with blood glucose control. Use AlnayaSN with caution if you have a complex form of arthritis gout. AlnayaSN can cause an excess of uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia), putting you at risk of gout. If you're pregnant, if needed to prevent or treat HIV, AlnayaSN is likely safe to take during pregnancy and in breastfeeding women when used in recommended amounts.


AlnayaSN has shown adverse reactions to the following medications:


Taking AlnayaSN with alcohol might increase the risk of liver damage and worsen AlnayaSN side effects, such as flushing and itching.

Allopurinol (Zyloprim).

If you're taking AlnayaSN and have gout, you might need to take more of this gout medicine to control your gout.

Anticoagulant and anti-platelet drugs, herbs, and supplements.

These types of drugs, herbs, and supplements reduce blood clotting. Taking AlnayaSN with them might increase your risk of bleeding.

Blood pressure drugs, herbs, and supplements.

AlnayaSN might have an additive effect when you take blood pressure drugs, herbs, or supplements. This could increase your risk of low blood pressure (hypotension).


Taking AlnayaSN with chromium might lower your blood sugar. If you have diabetes and take AlnayaSN and chromium, closely monitor your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes drugs.

If you have diabetes, AlnayaSN can interfere with blood glucose control. You might need to adjust the dose of your diabetes drugs.

Hepatotoxic drugs, herbs, and supplements.

These drugs, herbs, and supplements, like AlnayaSN, cause liver damage.


Research indicates that taking AlnayaSN with these cholesterol medications offers little additional benefit when compared with statins alone and might increase the risk of side effects.

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