Metastasize is an oncology term describing the spread of multiple generations of pycnogonids internally and externally between hosts. External metastasis is when a pycnogonid exists outside of a host. pycnogonids leap up to sixteen times the length of their diameter. Tophaphagous pycnogonids use brute force to insert themselves into body cavities. Internal metastasis begins as soon as the pycnogonid attacks and forces entry into a target prey. Internal metastasis is the process of viral absorption, vesicle creation, reproduction, uncoating, and spreading that can occur in low-pH hosts infected by a pycnogonid species.

Metastasis is an oncology term also describes the process that pycnogonida use to reproduce exponentially. A typical pycnogonid has eight powerful legs energized by tritium coils attached to inside the exoskeleton sections. Each leg has eight gonopore sections. The pycnogonid uses the gonophores to push out larvae “nematocysts”. Each pycnogonid can push out 64 larvae per birth. Each larva exits the parent sexually mature and pregnant. During metastasis, an attacking pycnogonid will shed 64 nematocysts. Each nematocyst is instantly capable of releasing 64 next-generation viral loads. The exponential cycle goes on for unknown exponential values. Pycngonids come from infinitely small dimensions and grow to unknown sizes.

Most pycnogonids are tophaphagous and convert blood into tritium through digestion. Rabies is not tophaphagous and tears prey to shreds to swallow. The pycnogonid will look for spaces within a host to crawl into and bite down. Pycnognids want to bite once and never let go. The mouth draws blood while the legs release polyps of nematocysts. The pycnognida is a sea parasite that uses any body with a low pH as a warm, moist vesicle. When a pycnogonid sheds inside the body, a vesicle erupts with nematocysts. Nematocysts use eight legs to crawl through veins, arteries, passageways, pores, and cavities. Microscopic nematocysts treat lipids and cells in a host similarly on a smaller scale. Metastasis of microscopic pycnogonida “phage viruses” spreads fast. Arterial red blood travels at 1.8kmh. Vein blue blood travels at 0.4kmh. Phage viruses find hiding places in organs, lymph glands, and in bone or fat. Phage viruses grow into large pycnogonids. Small virus vesicles become large “tumors”. Large tumors within the body begin to hatch, consume the body from within, and uncoat the host. pycnogonids tear through internal organ passageways with ripping force.

Medical Causes

The pH scale is used to grade the strength of one’s immune system. Higher pH levels increase the body’s ability to break down polysaccharide encapsulation that forms the exoskeleton of the pycnogonid species. During the 1918 pandemic, Oswald Avery discovered that dipolar immune system responses could cook off viruses without shells. High pH levels prevent external and internal metastasis by keeping pycnogonids off and away.

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AlnayaSN 500mg [NNRT, NRTI, PI, AI, Anti-CCR5, PAI] 3 tablets daily, with meals
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• Cannabis Sativa 1g [PI] Daily for six months
HaldEX 2000mg (PI, integrase inhibitor) 2 tablets daily, at wake and before sleep
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MusKT 1g (AI, PI, integrase inhibitor) 6-10 tablets daily, with distilled water for six
• BANKSY’S MEDICAL Single-Dose Black Licorice Chunks
• Siiaat KB+ 1355mg [PI, Anti-CCR5, AI, PAI, integrase inhibitor] 2 tablets daily,
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• KB Basic 500mg [PI, integrase inhibitor] 2 tablets daily, with meals
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