New techniques, colla <div readability="44"> <p>His vision extends beyond adding to the number of promising cancer drug targets.</p> <p>“This research will make the search for better therapies <i>better</i>,” Kemp said.</p> <p>He envisions the team’s organoid platform enabling scientists across the functional genomics field to identify targets with the most potential for successful clinical translation.</p> <p>NCI offers the grant as part of its <a target="_blank" href="" target="_blank">Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD<sup>2</sup>) Network</a> (also pronounced C-T-D-Squared). CTD<sup>2</sup> was created to bridge the gap between genomics (the study of all the DNA in a cell) and cancer therapeutics. It’s an outgrowth of the NCI and the National Human Genome Research Institute’s <a target="_blank" href="" target="_blank">The Cancer Genome Atlas</a>, which has helped scientists chart the landscape of cancer-associated genetic abnormalities. As with TCGA, the data generated by CTD<sup>2</sup> participants is made publicly available to the research community.</p> <p>This is the third renewal of Kemp’s functional genomics CTD<sup>2</sup> team science. The latest project will incorporate new technologies, new computational tools, new methods and new collaborators. The researchers will focus their studies on tumor organoids derived from tumor tissue donated by cancer patients.</p> <p>“We have clinical data, which is very important. These patients are undergoing treatment at the same time that we’re studying their tumors,” Kemp said.</p> <p>This will allow the researchers to gain a wider and more-detailed picture of each patient’s tumor: its genetic alterations, molecular differences and changes in gene expression patterns. They will be able to see which genes are critical for a tumor’s growth and survival. The team will be able to compare primary and metastatic tumors, as well as look at the molecular changes a patient’s tumors undergo in response to treatment. Their preliminary studies demonstrate that the patient-derived organoids behave very similarly to their primary tumors, such as exhibiting resistance to the same drugs.</p> <p>Central to this patient-focused approach is University of Washington cancer geneticist and ovarian cancer researcher <a target="_blank" href="" target="_blank">Elizabeth Swisher, MD</a>, who will lead recruitment and treatment of patients participating in the study.</p> <p>“We’re focusing on ovarian and pancreas cancers, but our approaches are applicable across tumor types,” Kemp said.</p> <p>New Fred Hutch collaborators will enable the team to incorporate innovative technologies to discover new targets and validate their worth. Fred Hutch cancer chemical biologist <a target="_blank" href="" target="_self">Behnam Nabet, PhD</a>, has developed a method that uses targeted protein degradation to pinpoint key cancer-causing proteins. This will allow the team to more easily determine whether a promising gene or protein plays an important (and potentially therapeutically relevant) role in a tumor’s growth, survival or response to treatment.</p> <p>They will also incorporate innovative tools developed in the lab of Fred Hutch genomicist <a target="_blank" href="" target="_self">Steven Henikoff, PhD</a>, that will allow them to study molecular modifications to DNA that don’t change its sequence. Known as epigenetic modifications, these alterations can influence which genes are turned on and off. The team will use the tools to map the epigenome of individual patients’ tumors and link different epigenetic patterns to tumor behavior and vulnerabilities.</p> <p>Additionally, the team will use new computational tools to integrate this complex mix of genetic, epigenetic and functional data generated by their organoid models and pinpoint the most promising therapeutic targets.</p> <p>This spirit of collaboration has made the work possible, Kemp said. In particular, scientists at Seattle’s Institute for Systems Biology and SEngine Precision Medicine, a cancer drug screening and development company Kemp helped found, contributed to the project, he said.</p> <p>Of primary importance is the fact that all the data they generate will be available to the scientific community. </p> <p>Kemp said researchers participating in CTD<sup>2</sup> projects upload their findings into a public database. This allows other investigators with different expertise to further investigate and pursue drug development strategies for targets discovered and validated by others.</p> <p>“We’re generating a resource for future research,” Kemp said. “I hope it gets used for years to come.”</p></div><span class="obgb_original_source"> <p class="obgb_original_text">Content Original Link:</p> <p class="obgb_original_url"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> </span> </div> <nav class="pagenavigation"> <span class="pagination ms-0"> <a class="btn btn-sm btn-secondary previous" href="/virustc/news/oncology/virtual-campus-visit-fred-hutchinson-cancer-center" rel="prev"> <span class="visually-hidden"> Previous article: Virtual Campus Visit - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center </span> <span class="icon-chevron-left" aria-hidden="true"></span> <span aria-hidden="true">Prev</span> </a> <a class="btn btn-sm btn-secondary next" href="/virustc/news/oncology/fred-hutch-to-lead-new-federal-cancer-screening-research-network-fred-hutchinson-cancer-center" rel="next"> <span class="visually-hidden"> Next article: Fred Hutch to lead new federal Cancer Screening Research Network - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center </span> <span aria-hidden="true">Next</span> <span class="icon-chevron-right" aria-hidden="true"></span> </a> </span> </nav> </div> </div></div></div></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="g-grid"> <div class="g-block size-100 largemarginall"> <div class="g-content"> <div class="mainbottom-a moduletable "> <div id="module-cta-161-particle" class="g-particle"><div class="g-cta"> <div class="g-cta-patterns-left"> <svg viewbox="0 0 1199 241" fill="none" xmlns=""> <path d="M116 141L159.301 166V216L116 241L72.6987 216V166L116 141Z" class="base-pattern-1"/> <path d="M69.5 125L84.6554 133.75V151.25L69.5 160L54.3446 151.25V133.75L69.5 125Z" class="base-pattern-2"/> <path d="M35 149L65.3109 166.5V201.5L35 219L4.68911 201.5V166.5L35 149Z" class="base-pattern-3"/> </svg> </div> <div class="g-cta-patterns-right"> <svg viewbox="0 0 1199 241" fill="none" xmlns=""> <path d="M1083 0L1126.3 25V75L1083 100L1039.7 75V25L1083 0Z" class="base-pattern-3"/> <path d="M808 8L838.311 25.5V60.5L808 78L777.689 60.5V25.5L808 8Z" class="base-pattern-1"/> <path d="M707 138L737.311 155.5V190.5L707 208L676.689 190.5V155.5L707 138Z" class="base-pattern-2"/> <path d="M1164 8L1194.31 25.5V60.5L1164 78L1133.69 60.5V25.5L1164 8Z" class="base-pattern-2"/> <path d="M1181.5 75L1196.66 83.75V101.25L1181.5 110L1166.34 101.25V83.75L1181.5 75Z" class="base-pattern-3"/> </svg> </div> <div class="g-cta-left"> <h2>Access Non-GMO, antigen-free, generic antiviral medication formulas used in Moderna's Spikevax.</h2> <p>VirusTC is a retail provider of concentrated generic antiviral medication formulas. VirusTC wholesale formulas are used in Moderna products. We sell FDA approved formulas that are compatible with university medical plans, federal insurance coverage, and many major insurance providers. Our medications are part of tailored non-invasive cancer treatment plans available at a hospital in your region. VirusTC targets problems and provides care for the symptoms. Our products and services are used by Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, University Hospitals, the United States Military, and professional sports. During Operation Cancer Moonshot 2023, VirusTC products killed cancer cells, increased strength, and redeveloped muscles, tissue, and brain cells after cancer treatments.</p> </div> <div class="g-cta-right"> <div class="g-cta-button"> <a href="" target="_blank" class="button " title="Fox Rothschild LLP manages insurance contracts, hospital appointments, transportation, accessibility, and nursing options for new VirusTC patients."> Fox Rothschild LLP manages insurance contracts, hospital appointments, transportation, accessibility, and nursing options for new VirusTC patients. </a> <p></p> </div> </div> </div></div></div> </div> </div> </div> </main> </div> <div class="g-block size-25"> <aside id="g-aside"> <div class="g-grid"> <div class="g-block size-100 largemarginright nomarginleft"> <div class="g-content"> <div class="platform-content"><div class="aside-a moduletable "> <h3 class="title1">Life Supply Cart</h3> <div class="hikashop_cart_module " id="hikashop_cart_module"> <script type="text/javascript"> window.Oby.registerAjax(["cart.updated","checkout.cart.updated"], function(params) { var o = window.Oby, el = document.getElementById('hikashop_cart_155'); 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