Mumbai: The Maharashtra government on Tuesday signed memoranda of understanding (MoU) with the National Hydro Power Corporation and Torrent Power to generate 13,050MW through Hydro Pumped Storage Projects (HPSP).

While National Hydro Power Corporation will generate 7,350MW power, Torrent Power will produce 5,700MW. The project is expected to attract an investment of around Rs44,000 crore and Rs27,000 crore, respectively, and collectively generate 30,000 jobs.

HPSP technology

“The state government is laying more thrust on Hydro Pumped Storage Projects technology in order to ensure energy security, looking at its potential of power storage,” Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said after the MoUs were signed.

Under the HPSP technology, two water reservoirs at different heights are connected through a tunnel or underground pipe. Whenever there is more electricity production and less demand, these projects pump water from the downward reservoir to the upward reservoir. Whenever higher energy is required, water is released from the higher reservoir to the lower one via a turbine to produce the requiredpower instantly. The water can be moved to upward reservoir using renewable energy. This makes it a green project. The technology isalso referred to as natural batteries, since it gives capability to instantly generate power the moment it is needed the most.

HPSPs prove to be helpful as they can stabilise power grids: Fadnavis

HPSPs have earned acceptability world over. It works well for grid stability and maintaining peak power. The Sahyadri ranges give a natural advantage to the state due to the difference of levels between the reservoirs.

Fadnavis, who also holds the power portfolio, said, “HPSPs prove to be helpful as they can stabilise power grids within a minute.”

The Centre had earlier this year issued the draft guidelines for HPSPs. The Union Ministry of Power had indicated that 103 Giga Watt can be produced through HPSPs. At present, the ministry has eight projects of a total capacity of 4.7GW under it.

Savitri (2,250MW), Kalu (1,150 MW), Kengadi (1,550MW) and Jalond (2,400 MW) are the four sites allotted to NHPC for on-stream HPSP projects, while Karjat (3,000MW), Mawal (1,200 MW) and Junnar (1,500 MW) are the sites allocated to Torrent Power for development of off-stream HPSP projects.


-Rs44,000 crore: Investment that the National Hydro Power Corporation project will attract

-Rs27,000 crore: Investment that Torrent Power will attract

-30,000: Number of jobs that the two projects will generate

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