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This is what a human Cell looks like without a virus infection
Your body is full of clean cells. Some humans are born clean enough that they lack A and B antigens in their blood. These O-type cells are highly alkaline and carry no phage viruses.

Bacteriophage [Phage Virus]

Phage viruses are aquatic parasites that evolve from pycnogonida. The species comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
The species grows proportionately to the volumes of proteins that it requires to form its structure. Microphages develop from bacteriophages. Bacteriophages develop from small-to-large-breed phage viruses.

Plasmodium Parasite [Phage Virus Meltdown]

Polysaccharide capsules meltdown and leave plasmodium parasites.
Phage viruses are biologically unstable. The species is an acidic species that REDOXes with alkaline substances. The polysaccharide capsule is the first component of the virus to REDOX into chemical salts. The internal organs of the species are purple with green blood [tritium]. The species without shell has previously been labeled as independent colonies of species. The purple mass sticks to living tissue and leaves acidic burns. Acidic burns are open sores for microphages to infect. Microphages erupt from polyps that connected to phage gonadopores on the polysaccharide capsules.

Bacteriophage Virus Fecal Matter [Integrase Strands]

What Are Scientists Hiding About Integrase Strands?
Integrase strands are fecal matter of virus cells. The fecal matter wraps itself around cells. When microphages erupt from the integrase strand, they tear up anything the strand is attached to like a shape charge explosive. When phages back their bodies into cavities like hermit crabs, they eject integrase strands into the cavities. This is why scientists previously believed that viruses inject DNA into cells.

Phage Viruses Attacking Human Cells [Virus Infection]

Virus Infections Are Violent. Medication supplements from VirusTC may be your body's only defense against virus infection.
Viruses Attack human cells violently. Immune systems break phages down easier if your body is alkaline. If your body is too acidic, the viruses will consume everything as calories, and leave toxic tritium-rich waste products which decay your body and leave you with tritium sickness.
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