Q. Why Do I Get Sick When I Try To Get Clean and Sober?

A. Narcotics Contain Plant-Based Alkaline Components That Are Digested By The Body, Leaving Behind Toxic Acidic Chemicals.

VirusTC Responds To A 2018 Request By The FDA To Develop New Treatments For Drug Addiction

Narcotics like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine are chemical salts formed from REDOX reactions between acidic viral loads and alkaline plant-based substances. The human body quickly digests plant-based substances once the narcotics are consumed.

  • Poppy milk is digested by the human body soon after injection or inhalation of heroin.
  • Ephedrine is quickly digested by the human body soon after inhalation of Methamphetamine.
  • Creatine is digested by the human body soon after the consumption of Cocaine or Crack.

Once alkaline plant matter is digested by the human body, the remaining acidic viral load remains in the body from the associated narcotic. Narcotics users become ill or "dope sick" as soon as the alkaline plant matter is digested by the body. Dope-sickness is the effect of a viral infection on the human body.

Narcotics labs do not care about their client's well-being. Virus species used for each batch of narcotics are often random. In many occasions, street dealers who are involved in sex-trafficking use STDs as viral loads for narcotics production. Using clean needles does not save you from the viral load you inject into your body. VirusTC can save you from that viral load.

VirusTC medications replace the plant matters from narcotics such as Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine. VirusTC products contain 100% pure uncut non-intoxicating alkaline medication supplements that break down viral loads left over from narcotics use. VirusTC products immediately remove illness associated with dope sickness by REDOXING viral loads in the body without creating an addictive intoxicating effect.

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