Dr. Correo Hofstad DO Ph.D.
Dr. Correo Hofstad DO Ph.D.
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"Dr. Correo Hofstad develops the greatest solutions and methods ever used in Clinic for the treatment of viral infections." -Fred Hutch
Dr. Hofstad built a humanless HAZMAT Level 4 laboratory at USAMRIID while studying microscopy and forensics at the University of Washington. The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) maintains a robotic workforce that tests nutrients and dietary supplements that remove patients from the Cancer grid.
+ Detox & Breath

Feel the alkaline burn? That is a good sign. Virus biology is unstable and cannot survive levels of alkalinity which are tolerable to humans.

+ Alkalize & Reduce

Keep increasing your nutrient and supplement levels until you stop seeing phage viruses in your body. As you increase your alkalinity, virus infections in your lungs, throat, stomach, intestines, and reproductive organs will detox themselves of phage viruses.

+ Maintain & Clean

Maintain a healthy diet and watch out for acidic substances. Choose alkaline foods over those that support phage viruses.

+ Myelin Restoration

Myelin insulates your nervous system. Phage viruses target myelin as a primary protein. When areas of myelin disappear, nerves short circuit the brain's electrical impulses and seizures occur.

+ Stay Away From Disease

Phage viruses hide in unsanitary conditions. Keep yourself clean and maintain social distancing.

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