Vesicle Sanitization with UV-C

Brain tumors start somewhere in the sinus cavities. The United States Military no longer approves brain tumor removal via removal of portions of the skull for medical practice. Brain tumors that were not caused by penetration of the skull will not be treated by penetration of the skull. Non-invasive treatment locates the gape of a virus vesicle in the sinus cavity with an endoscope. The tumor is sanitized and removed through the existing gape by UV-C light delivered by low-frequency fiber optic cable. The surgery requires minimal preparation of the mouth, throat, and breathing passageways with CARMEX. The only point during the surgery that involves penetration of the patient is during suturing of the gape after the tumor is cleared out for post-treatment. The surgery involves minimal blood loss during the stitching of the nasal cavity gape. Major insurance providers and Tricare cover the surgery.

Inserting a fiber optic strand into a tumor is a minimally invasive method of sanitizing a virus vesicle. The fiber optic strand would be inserted via Endoscopic Surgery. The strand would deliver ultra-high-intensity light to the tumor.

"Insert the fiber strand into the mouth of the virus. When the virus accepts the strand into the mouth, turn on the UV light at full power. The whole virus will turn white, and it's dead." -Melvin Bouboublis @FredHutch

Brain Tumor Removal Surgery

    1. Prepare multiple hazmat waste buckets with 409 sprayed all around inside.
    2. Prepare 2 endoscopes with attached low-frequency fiber optic strands and UV source. The fiber strand terminates at 1 cm from the endoscope tip. Adjust for surgery.
    3. Prepare 1 endoscope with hydrogen peroxide spray tube and UV. 000
    4. Coat the patient's mouth, throat, and airways with Carmex.
    5. Instruct the patient to "not swallow" anything during surgery. Instruct the patient to cough or vomit the virus into the waste bucket.
    6. Prepare 5 cups nutmeg, 5 cups turmeric, & 3 cups creatine with 1 gallon of distilled water.
    7. Prepare 2 500mg Niacin and 2 100mg Zinc.
    8. Prepare the patient's lips with Carmex to prevent lip injury during vomiting or coughing up the virus and vesicle tumor.
    9. Enter the nasal channel with the endoscope. Locate the vesicle tumor cavity.
    10. Enter the mouth with a fiber optic strand. Stick 1cm of fiber into the tumor gape (vesicle opening). The assistant turns the power on immediately.
    11. As soon as the virus load uses the legs to begin pullout, pull equipment from the mouth.
    12. Use a nasal endoscope to press fiber into flesh ~4mm from the gape. Power the UV on to create the effect of UV shining on the tumor.
    13. The intention is to drive the viral load from the vesicle tumor.
    14. Assist the patient through coughing up the virus. The procedure is done over a waste bin. Leave UV on.
    15. As soon as the virus load is in the bin, administer Neosporin into the sinuses to create a barrier for the surgeon.
    16. Enter the vesicle tumor with an endoscope starting with fiber.
    17. For 5 minutes: Hit every inside surface of the vesicle sack with UV.
    18. The sack will melt onto the endoscope.
    19. Pull meltdown through the Neosporin-coated nasal channel AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE. IF YOU DO IT TOO QUICKLY, MELTDOWN WILL STING THE SINUS WITH NEMATACYST.
    20. Fill the sinus with Neosporin.
    21. Stick the new endoscope into the nasal cavity with hydrogen peroxide. Aggressively spray hydrogen peroxide into the wound until a clean solution is rinsed out for 4 minutes.
    22. REPEAT 3 TIMES {Use elongated tube through nasal to fill vesicle tumor with Neosporin. Fill with pressure. Rinse aggressively with hydrogen peroxide.}
    23. Fill the wound with Neosporin with pressure.
    24. Stitch the gape while leaving enough opening that Neosporin will eventually drain.
    25. Patients must take daily to exit Matrix (wound healing & prevent re-infection):

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