AlnayaSN 500mg
3 tablets per day, with meals for six months
TsinKX 100mg
3 tablets per day, with meals for six months
KureaSH 20g
Daily with distilled water for six months
KaroBT 300mg
Daily, at morning with meals for six months.


HaldEX 2000mg (viral inhibitor, integrase inhibitor)
2 tablets daily, at wake and before sleep for six months
MusKT 10g (viral inhibitor, integrase inhibitor)
Daily with distilled water for six months

Access Non-GMO, antigen-free, generic antiviral medication formulas used in Moderna's Spikevax.

VirusTC is a retail provider of concentrated generic antiviral medication formulas. VirusTC wholesale formulas are used in Moderna products. We sell FDA approved formulas that are compatible with university medical plans, federal insurance coverage, and many major insurance providers. Our medications are part of tailored non-invasive cancer treatment plans available at a hospital in your region. VirusTC targets problems and provides care for the symptoms. Our products and services are used by Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, University Hospitals, the United States Military, and professional sports. During Operation Cancer Moonshot 2023, VirusTC products killed cancer cells, increased strength, and redeveloped muscles, tissue, and brain cells after cancer treatments.